07 February 2008

New addition

Don't know why I didn't add them sooner. Just lazy I guess. Heather and Shawn, some friends of friends who are now my friends who live up in Seattle have an awesome blog. They're now part of my "Folks I know."
Curiously enough, Heather lived in the Bloomington rental house where I resided with Lizbone, but she was there a couple of years before we lived there. Our paths didn't cross until Andy and Lizbone met her watching a Colts game somewhere in Seattle. I've only known these guys for a year or so, but we gots the 508 N. Lincoln St. connection, so we're like family!
By the way, Bloomington, of all places, is already available on google maps street view. The pics were taken in the height of the summer, so almost everything is obscured by the canopy of trees that line every street, but its still awesome that B-town is represented so early in this whole street view thing...

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h.Lo said...

John, you gave me a big warm fuzzy. =) Thanks for posting such nice words! I just linked you back in return (we'll blame laziness here as well).

You two coming up any time soon? We have a bed, don't forget! We can all get together and cry over A&E leaving. ;)