07 November 2006

Happy Election Night

Last night we had our own broken polls on Sellwood St.

I heard this happen, but shrugged it off as the crazy cats upstairs knocking over something big. G came home about 10 minutes later telling me there's lines down in the street. I walk out and immediately notice the utility pole in front of the house is leaning to the right, like, a lot. Then we notice that the pole down at the corner (the one in the picture) is snapped like a toothpick. Its not until we're on the phone with 911 reporting the downed wires that we notice the ginormous tree that fell three houses up and the snapped poles all up the block. Luckily, the wires downed on the Sube were only old phone lines. No one in the building even has a land line, so its just as well that it was snapped.