30 October 2007

Farewell FUP

FUP the shopcat at Powell's Technical Books passed away a few days ago. Here's a nice tribute from Powell's.
Sadly, I only started reading Fup's adventures last week. We even subscribed Mortimer's email address to be updated bi-weekly about FUP's adventures. (Yes, our cat has an email address. You know, for his prescriptions...)
You can still get your FUP Wars t-shirt. There's at least one more batch that we'll be printing in FUP's memory.

24 October 2007

Some more boring pics

Hot fireboat action on the Willamette

Construction site with a nice view

1 NE Oregon

AIDS walk on the Esplanade

Sunbreak on the walnut tree

Which shitty beer shall rule the South Waterfront?

For Ding. Fremont Bridge bike rack in NW Portland. Creative Metalworks are the guys who made this one and many more.

22 October 2007

17 October 2007

Stats night

Songs played on my pod, 19 times or more, in the past two years.

Blue Diamonds - The Long Winters 32
Let's Talk About Spaceships - Say Hi To Your Mom 32
Shapes - The Long Winters 31
Super - Say Hi To Your Mom 30
A Kiss To Make It Better - Say Hi To Your Mom 29
Cinnamon - The Long Winters 25
Scared Straight - The Long Winters 24
Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks - Say Hi To Your Mom 24
Track 02 - The Thermals 24
Roscoe - Midlake 23
But She Beat My High Score - Say Hi To Your Mom 23
Pop Music Of The Future - Say Hi To Your Mom 22
A Hit In Sweden - Say Hi To Your Mom 22
Bandits - Midlake 21
Head Home - Midlake 20
Van Occupanther - Midlake 20
The Key Of C - Say Hi To Your Mom 20
Pieholden Suite - Wilco 20
Ease Your Feet In The Sea - Belle & Sebastian 19
Young Bride - Midlake 19
Where Will You Go? - The Minus 5 19
Big Time In The Jungle - Old Crow Medicine Show 19
Track 15 - The Thermals 19
I'm Always In Love - Wilco 19
Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) - Wilco 19
Via Chicago - Wilco 19
Summer Teeth - Wilco 19

11 October 2007

Beat Box Tuba

Thanks for this one Oregarus...

As some of ya'll know, I was once a tuba player.
Its a habit I managed to shake thanks to ten years of cigarette smoking.
I've been without the smokes for a couple years now and feel like I have the lung power to play the tuba again, I just haven't found the tuba I can afford, or have room to store. Someday, I'll be a tuba santa, or maybe just a creepy guy in Pioneer Courthouse Square beat boxing through my tuba.

Sigur Ros interview

"Possibly the worst interview in the history of electronic media," as its described on the Bryant Park Project's blog.
An uncomfortable combination of musicians being asked questions that lead nowhere, in their second language, and their blank stares and mumbles. Five minutes of video that's exponentially more uncomfortable than "The Office," the real BBC one...
The other segments of the show I've listened to seem to be something I'd tune in to everyday, this one seems like an unfortunate incident.
By the way, why isn't this show broadcast on OPB? It seems like something that would go over well in Portland. "World Have Your Say" is terribly annoying.
Bryan Park Project would be an awesome morning replacement. Until then, I'll have to listen online...

08 October 2007

GLBT History Month

An important gay, everyday...

October is GayLesbianBisexualTransgender history month.
This ad ran in one of the local breaks on Comcast while I was watching some silly shit on the Travel Chanel.
Thanks to Comcast for actually playing this PSA...
Check the site daily for a new little video about some notable sexual deviant from our history.

04 October 2007

This week's cat pictures

Mortimer eating, while lying down in front of his bowl. He's a 'merican kitty.

Camo Kitty

I can't resist the cat pictures.

Some pictures I didn't take

These were on the memory card. G must've taken them walking home from his dentist appointment this morning...

03 October 2007

I love George Takei

From the AP Article-

An asteroid between Mars and Jupiter has been renamed 7307 Takei in honor of the actor, best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original ''Star Trek'' series and movies.

''I am now a heavenly body,'' Takei, 70, said Tuesday, laughing. ''I found out about it yesterday. ... I was blown away. It came out of the clear, blue sky -- just like an asteroid.''

Halloween costume ideas

"Ten Halloween Costumes that are just Sick and Wrong" from themishmash.com
A new daily browse for me. I especially appreciate the "Dolt of the Day" feature.
I think Wonder Woman there, #6 on the list is a fellow Portlander. That street looks like Old Town, and I swear I've seen her before.