31 May 2006


There were great plans for this evening to take a walk around my neighborhood and post some pics of stuff, but nature is not cooperating with my blogging endeavor tonight. I don't mind getting soaked walking around the city, but g doesn't take too kindly to his camera getting wet. "My camera doesn't work in the rain," were the last words I heard as he left for class.

Luckily, I found this within the friendly confines of the apartment. It's called TUNG-I Instant Ramen Noodle. I couldn't pass it up when I found it at Uwajimaya last weekend. Isn't this the cutest damn ramen you've ever seen? I don't think I'll ever eat it, and if I do I'll have to save the wrapper. It comes from our friends at Uni-President Enterprises Corp. of Taiwan, who according to the back of the package, help us give "a kiss to the spirit of the future." Thanks Uni-President!

30 May 2006

First Post

Thank you, Borat.