26 February 2008


Just back from a long weekend in the high desert, visiting G's folks in the Oregon/Idaho borderlands, and spending a bit of time in "the city." Here's some random stuff.

Downtown Boise, from the Bench

The very last phone company in the country to hold on to the classic Bell trademark logo, Malheur Bell is still part of Qwest, but has operated independently in Ontario, Oregon since 1895. I snapped this shot because I knew it had to be one of the last Bells around, but until I looked it up, I didn't realize that after BellSouth dropped the good ol' classic Bell for the AT&T logo, Malheur Bell is the only one left.

Overlooking Emmett, Idaho

The politically incorrect, yet beautiful Squaw Butte.


Slammin' Sam said...

man, you sure do make idaho look pretty.

... and deserted. seriously, you could make a zombie movie there!

h.Lo said...

Wow, big skies and lovely mountains. Hope you enjoyed your trip... and LOL about Squaw Butte.