06 February 2008

Cleveland Rocks!

I've been hooked on reruns of the Drew Carey Show lately. I never really found Drew Carey amusing until lately. Perhaps its because I've been called "Drew" for the last two years at work since there's three of us named John, and when my hair is short like it is most of the year, I do admittedly bear a resemblance. I've embraced my role as the pudgy looser guy with funny glasses...
I never really caught the show when it was new, it originally aired in my era of "fuck tv, I'm too cool for that shit." Now I find it to be the best thing on tv, new or old. Good writing, awesome chemistry amongst the cast, and the dance numbers rock, much like Cleveland. This is the extended debut of the "Cleveland Rocks" intro from the third season. It makes me smile... I wish there was a cool song about Portland.

While I'm at it, how about the full version of the "Five O'Clock World" opening too.

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