15 February 2008

Interstate Avenue

The vintage signage along Interstate is awesome, however quickly disappearing. The Atomic Age Alliance is a group dedicated to preserving examples of 50's/60's architecture in Portland. They're currently working on finding a new home for the Crown Motel sign, the site scheduled for demolition in March. I really want that 80's HBO sign that still hangs in the front window of the motel office.
The folks at The Orange Door have an awesome photo post of the motel and other signage of Interstate Avenue. North to South, and then back up the other side. Thanks guys! This is awesome.

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Anonymous said...

This is to notify you of our organization's name change. Please update the links on your site to reflect the following:

Old name: Atomic Age Alliance - Portland
New name: Mid-Century Modern League or MCMLeague

Old URL: http://www.aaapdx.org
New URL: http://www.mcmleague.org

Dear AAA-PDX members and friends,
We are pleased to announce that the Atomic Age Alliance-Portland will now be known as the Mid-Century Modern League. You will find that the aaapdx.org website will be redirected to our new site at mcmleague.org and see some great changes coming in the near future.

Thank you!