08 February 2008

The best classic country music online

If you're looking for classic country music streaming online, check out "Country Legends 106.9 KTPK" broadcasting from Topeka. I tried out a few different stations in the last few days, I've been hankering for old school country. There was an AM station in Portland that played classic country, but now it switched to talk radio.
So far, KTPK hasn't let me down. This station doesn't play anything newer than the 80's, all the stuff I grew up listening to in Indiana riding around with my parents, watching TNN with my Grandma, and even going out to Dad's truck in the driveway on Saturday nights to tune in to the Opry on WSM 650 from Nashville. It didn't come in in the house, but the radio in the truck was crystal clear. I'm a country boy, what can I say. I love all kinds of music, I'm pretty well versed in Rock history, I know a bit about Jazz and know almost all the old standards from the 20th century. I'm a music geek, but right now I just identified Roger Miller's "Dang Me" on the first four bars, and how appropriate, now its Barbara Mandrell and George Jones with "Country when Country wasn't Cool." I just love going back to my roots now and then. Now I'm off to listen to one of Conway Twitty's dirty dirty songs...

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Justin said...

Great find. I'm transported back to the elementary school bus rides with the AM country station playing over shitty speaker.

Now I'm off to seek YouTube videos of the Mandrell sisters variety show.