26 November 2009

Two random views of Mt Hood

Late morning on the Fremont Bridge, moving vehicle

Sunrise on NE Brodway, from the steps of Thai Basil

22 November 2009

DIY public art

Some new guerrilla art is popping up around the neighborhood lately. I'm almost always biking around in the dark these days, spotting these things but not being able to get a decent picture. I just happened to make it out in the daylight with the camera today between storms.

Tire Dragon at the east end of the Failing Pedestrian Bridge.

Little signs with what seem like excerpts of a bigger story have been popping up around the 'hood lately. In this vacant lot on Tillamook St, the signs are placed as if in the rooms of the former house that stood here. Very cool.

TV full of art for sale. Leave cash? N. Williams Ave.

Frogs! Lots of frogs in the Port City parking lot.

A sunny day in the neighborhood

Old school Dead End sign, Overlook neighborhood

Secret unofficial park on the bluff

The onion dome that becomes visible all over the neighborhood every winter

Its the law! Junked Tri-Met bus, off N. Williams Ave.

18 November 2009

Stuck in the couch

Olaf thought that corner of the couch right by the heater was great, until he melted down into the cushions and couldn't get out...

17 November 2009

Pictures of the cat

Olaf's favorite spot this winter is the corner of the couch, closest to the heater.

He only lays in this awkward position when the heat is running...

Tub Licker!

08 November 2009

Random stuff

Oregon State Capitol

You can never have too much Bovadine® brand Teat Dip.

Virginia Creeper fall color in the backyard.

This was the Virginia Creeper back in February.

Hurry up bus, the ocean's about to get you!

Pacific City, Oregon

Morning in Pacific City, before the Pelican and the public access area are crawling with people.

Bunnies everywhere!

The hotel sells little bags of bunny chow for 50¢.

Sunset behind Haystack Rock and the Pelican Pub.