06 February 2008

2,554 miles is a long long long long ways in a car!

I've been following Stuckey/Spalt's roundabout scenic journey from Seattle to their new home in Naptown. (Link goes to a picture that makes Indianapolis look really neat.)
Thanks Lizbone, for your detour to I-40 in Barstow just to see if there's a complementary sign to the one in Wilmington. Whadda ya know, there is!
The sign in North Carolina, just a few miles inland from the coast, amused me the few times I've driven past it. Now I feel a sense of completion knowing there's one in Barstow as well. Although I do notice that the western sign has a much more pleasing layout than its eastern counterpart. By the way, I don't know who that guy leaning against the sign is. I just found the pic on google.
I always wanted to stop and take a picture, but that sign is encountered after spending about 30 minutes on the ridiculous six-lane highways with stoplights getting through Wilmington, and knowing that you're finally on a real freeway and not a make-believe freeway just makes you want to push on to Raleigh.

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Shae said...

Yay Naptown!