26 June 2008

New Mercury Rev

Releasing in September, some new music from an old favorite.
Here's an old video for "Opus 40" that I somehow never saw.

20 June 2008

Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?

I've always scoffed at in-car navigation systems.There's plenty of stories about accidents caused by folks blindly following the instructions. The unit that G's Mom has refuses to recognize the existence of the Kerby exit from the Fremont Bridge, sending her up 5 North all the way to the Alberta exit when she tries to visit.
I've always been a map person, I learn the lay of the land quickly when I visit a new city. I can't help it, its just what I do. After seven years of driving, biking, and walking around Portland, I have a pretty detailed map of the metro area in my head. Since I started riding my heavy-ass old bike more often, I find I pay more attention to the topography, learning the most efficient path between home and work with the least incline.
This is the only SatNav unit I'd ever put up with, just for the novelty. Otherwise, I'm the navigator, dammit!

11 June 2008

Eveready Harton

One of the earliest animated adult films. "Eveready Harton" was created for a private party by and for some pioneers of animation in 1929. Its awesomely vulgar. Not for watching at work or in mixed company, but it should be seen.

10 June 2008