29 November 2007

2 girls, 1 cup

Wow. A nasty video that I've somehow missed, they even talked about it on VH1 for shit's sake. This has to be the most vile, disgusting, over the top nasty video on the entire internets, and those of you who know me know that I'm somewhat of an expert on these things.
Its worse than this, this, this, or any other classic shock site out there...

(No link in this post is remotely safe for work, children, or the public terminal at the library. In fact you should probably make sure your pets aren't even in the room.)

27 November 2007

Oregarus vs. Asparagor

How did I miss the debut of the "Silver Wings" video from Oregarus vs. Asparagor?

Thanksgiving at the Coast

The Thanksgiving tradition continued this year with a much less discordant group of people than in years past. In fact, there are very few stories to tell about the long weekend, other than discovering Mike's secret furry fetish. I still need to get that picture from Teeny...
These are the pictures from the weekend that were worthy of display...

Massaging the herbs into the bird

Our house was on Spring Lake, just across highway 101 from the beach

Lost on an island?

Full moon and clear skies on the Oregon Coast in November. Craziness.

Where our little lake runs into the ocean.

The canoe was very unstable.

Arcadia beach, not really near where we stayed, but a pit stop on the way home.

15 November 2007

Walnut Grove Spring

This gives me hope for my hometown. These guys are bottling water from a spring about 7 miles north of my old Indiana homestead. I've yet to sample it, (I plan on stopping by sometime this winter when I'm back there) but I know as a wee lad in Eastern Greene, my friends who lived up that way had the best well water I've ever had.
A few miles south on top of Haney Ridge where I grew up, we had a more sulfurous water supply. Nothing like a steamy shower that smells faintly of rotten eggs...
I'll be bringing a few bottles of this back to Oregon next time I go home, got to do a taste test versus our precious Bull Run Watershed.

feel the pissy dribble...

Maybe its because "Piss up a rope" and "up shits creek" were things my grandpa would say, maybe its because my pod always chooses to play it on random at strangely inopportune moments.
I just can't help but laugh every time I hear this song, and I've probably listened to it hundreds of times.
The best is when it gets played in public, like when the bartender decides he wants to call it an early night and puts this on, hoping to at least drive away the easily offended. I've actually seen this happen more than once.

More new friends

Some more folks I've known in the flesh for quite awhile have blogs now. Check them out at the top of my "Folks I know" section.

Inner Chef

--"The elite city of Bloomington harbors an elitist, faggot business called The Inner Chef which openly and unabashedly claim they are against God Almighty." --John Lewis, Old Paths Church

If you find yourself in Bloomington, be sure to check out Inner Chef, on the West side of the square. Owned and operated by an old friend, (that's him modeling the products in each section on the site), Inner Chef is B-town's premier store for kitchenwares and nice food. He even carries whole leaf tea from the Tao of Tea. Hooray for Oregon businesses selling abroad!
Its been a couple of years since the store has made the news.

On a related note, its especially difficult to find any news out of Bloomington since the "paper of record" still maintains it's subscription only website. It seemed stupid 10 years ago when they first went online to have a subscription only newspaper website. Now it just seems sad.
You can read the headlines, but you can't steal the news. What's up with that? Who runs the Herald Times now? $70 a year to read a small town newspaper online? I'll stick with my weekly read of the Bloomfield Free Press for my news from home.

14 November 2007


Its been awhile since I posted any cat pics.
Stare at that last one for about 10 seconds and try not to yawn.

12 November 2007

Blogroll Addition

Some friends I've known for a long time finally have a blog. Their first post promises a big announcement on Sunday. Is this really StuckeySpalt's blog, or some viral marketing campaign using their hijacked identities?

07 November 2007

The walk home

Big Pink

Made in Oregon

Blue Ocean

Willamette Working

Rise With Us

Sellwood Street

Cheers to Cathay Market

My corner store seems to be listed on the internets as "Cathy Market," even though their sign and my bank statements say "Cathay." Regardless, their beer selection is pretty kick ass for a corner store. The new owners have dropped the prices a bit, 6 packs of micros for $7.50, pretty much across the board. They even have Fish Tale and Lagunitas, a couple of my favorites, even if they're not Oregon Beer.
Tonight I got a 22oz of the second in Lagunitas's Zappa series, the Kill Ugly Radio Ale. It isn't identified as any particular style, but it tastes like a good ol' Northwest IPA. Nice and hoppy and bitter, masking the fact that its damn near 8%.
Lagunitas doesn't have any info about it on their site, but there are a couple of reviews.

Music of Your Life

I found the Music of Your Life online! MOYL is a music network played on a few hundred stations around the country, mostly AM, playing APS, Adult Pop Standards. Music for your grandparents generation, mixed in with some 70's AM Gold.

My first job was at WQTY, "Cutie 93.3, Linton, Indiana", back when it was still a MOYL affiliate, before it sold to The Original Company, The Wabash Valley's homegrown media conglomerate, and started simulcasting The Bullet (who's station name would be politically incorrect in many parts of the country, especially with their little gunshot sound station ID)
Back in the day, I spent hours and hours on the clock listening to the "greatest music of the 20th century," reading a couple weather forecasts a day, occasionally doing the news and obituaries (one of the most popular segments in a small town.) These years did even more for my appreciation of all music than knowing Oregarus!
The local Portland affiliate is Sunny 1550-AM owned by Pamplin Broadcasting, the same folks who brought us Willie Aames as Bibleman. If Bibleman wasn't so funny, it might get my panties a little in a bunch, but its hard to hate a show that looks like a higher budget parody of the Power Rangers, even if it is spouting kooky kristian propaganda.
Give MOYL a listen, either on the national MOYL feed, or listen to the Portland ads on the Sunny 1550 feed.
I'm off to rock out to Tuxedo Junction.