07 September 2006

Random thoughts...

I fried some chicken for supper tonight and it made a greasy mess of the floor in front of the stove. I cleaned it with some of that grapefruit kitchen cleaner from Target. Now the spot in front of the stove is really shiny clean, I feel like I need to clean the rest of the kitchen floor to match...

My ipod needs charged (done 9/08)

I need to clean the guinea pig's cage (done 9/08)

What do ya'll call your evening meal? In my family it was always "supper". "Dinner" was around noon time if you were at home, "lunch" was what you took to school or work. "Supper" was the evening meal. (confirmed 9/09 by G's 92 year old grandfather from Idaho, from Missouri parents, Pork Tenderloin Belt.)

New job is cool. Everyone I've encountered so far is okay, but there's like a hundred people, so I've only met a small percentage of them.
Next week I'll be trucking t-shirts around the metro area every afternoon in a big ol' box truck. Watch out! I haven't driven a stick shift regularly in five years, let alone 7 tons of Japanese diesel. I'm sure there'll be some bucking and grinding for the first few days.
Today I spent my afternoon unpacking and sorting shirts for our upcoming outlet sale. Mark it on your calenders! Friday Sep 15 and Saturday Sep 16. Lots and lots of cheap t shirts, and at least half of them are cool shit! We print a lot of shirts, and sometimes they're just not right. Perhaps the color wasn't quite what the customer wanted, maybe the wrong font was used and no one noticed until the whole job was printed. That's what the outlet sale is all about.
In my sorting I haven't found any real gems yet, like the VIRGINA hats that my friend once encontered at her job with "Hat World." My favorite find of the day had to be the pink Womens XXL shirt with a picture of a tiara and text that read "American Princess."
Everything at the sale is $2 and up, most t-shirts around the $3-$4 range. The entrance is near SE 8th & Salmon, (look for the loading dock on the SW corner). Right near that hideous "active space" building and across the street from that vending machine place and right behind my 2nd favorite bento joint.