16 January 2008

Sign Down! Sign Down!

This intersection has always been weird, I remember being confounded by it on one of my first experiences driving around Portland. This is one of at least two Portland intersections where you're instructed to veer right into a special turn lane that allows you to cross the street you just veered off of instead of making a left turn. (Difficult to explain, but it makes sense once you're there.) When the "Sandy Boulevard Resurfacing and Streetscape Project" was finished, this big green sign that tells the driver how to make a right in order to make a left turn onto 4oth ave hung into the street by a good 6 inches. I don't know if it always did, but I really noticed it after all the construction cleared up. Well, it hangs into the street no more. A big white box truck (much like the one I drive) saw to that the other day. I saw the truck signal right to turn off Sandy, and as I started to pass it, I heard a loud bang and slammed on the brakes, thinking I sideswiped a car or something. I look in my rear view just in time to see this sign going down like a fir tree. Seems that truck clipped it at about 10 mph, it didn't even leave more than a slight scratch on the truck, but this sign went down. I stopped to see if everything was ok (and to gawk and take pics). Truck driver dude called the city and reported a sign down, but they didn't seem too concerned about it, the dispatcher just passed the word onto the maintenance crew. It was still down like a wounded soldier when I drove by there this morning. Something you don't see everyday. The sheep in the Starbucks across the street were amused, and the employees at Kinko's and Radio Shack all got a good laugh, so at least a little good came of it.

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