18 January 2008

Awaiting the coming of the Brown Man

A quiet afternoon around the plant, hardly anyone was around after 4, which gave me plenty of time to take some shots while waiting around for the UPS guy.

The reviled Budweiser sign, a garish reminder that even in our city of roses and good beer choices, the big "B" can still throw around enough cash to get this ugly advertisement for their mass produced malt beverage that always turns me into an angry drunk. Don't know what it is, no other beer makes me angry, just the self proclaimed "king of beers." This building used to be a shaped like a giant milk bottle. Up until a few years ago it held an awesome old 7-Up sign that I can't seem to find a picture of.

The Banfield Motel. I think this place used to be "The Dunes." How exotic...

Ever wonder how numbers get on sports jerseys? Here you go!

A rainbow of ink.

Is this where little semi tractors come from?

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Anonymous said...

I have not lived in Portland since 1987. However, I do remember seeing that 7up sign just about every day of my childhood going to the grandparents house. Bud? When did this happen? I should plan a visit soon. I love the pictures that you post...nostalgia.
Thank you!