04 January 2008

Cincinnati is boring...

But the Local 12 News "Dance Party Friday" traffic report cracks me up!
In Portland, we have an outdated freeway system that makes "rush hour" last about three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening, even though a huge number of us are riding our awesome transit system to and from work!
In a lot of cities in the midwest, there's more freeway than you know what to do with... If I remember correctly, 75 North out of downtown Cincinnati has six lanes and a "minimum speed limit" somewhere around 45mph. What a concept! You can theoretically get ticketed for going 20 mph under the limit? This is why this Traffic Reporter has time for "dance party Friday."
Even on a normal traffic morning in Portland, its like a mantra, "I-5 South is almost completely stopped from Mill Plain past the Interstate Bridge, and slow all the way to the Fremont, The Sunset inbound is slow from the top of Sylvan down through the tunnel, and the Banfield Inbound is stop and go from 82nd avenue all the way down to the I-5 split."
I can't believe this actually aired on television. I wish our channel 12 took a few minutes away from reporting about sex offenders and murders and had a dance party. I want to see Andy Carson and Pete Ferryman shake their stuff!

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Elizabeth said...

That is outstanding. You should never let traffic get in the way of a dance party!