16 January 2008

mmm... fried

I don't like to get political on the internets, and this post isn't really.
I find Mike Huckabee to be a frightening, bible beating, end-times-is-near bigot, but this clip is just so endearing. I too have eaten squirrel, and found it to be quite tasty. We didn't have it on a regular basis, dad usually gave away the squirrels he shot during squirrel season to various neighbors or family, but every now and then Mom would fry one up, and it was good.
It irks me a little to see these national cable news reporters make such a big deal out of it. Although cooking squirrel on a popcorn popper is quite strange, I don't think he deserved that reaction. Maybe I'm just over sensitive because of my redneck past, but even this lefty gives him a break on this one, even if he is a kooky kristian.

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