16 January 2008


It seems ever since adolescence, when sitting around bullshitting with friends, even before we discovered intoxicating substances, the subject of building an adult sized ball pit like at Chuck-E-Cheese has come up every now and then. Perhaps it all started that day when I was 16 and found myself arguing with a McDonald's manager that the sign only specifies a minimum height one must be to enter the ball pit, and says nothing about a maximum height, and for some reason they just couldn't understand my point...
Anyway, some folks at xkcd actually had the followthrough and the funding to do it. So did some folks at last.fm. The results are just about what you'd expect, lots and lots of fun!

Also see this vaguely related video from Italy that just happens to be making the internet rounds at the same time as these ball pit stories. Not sure what its all about since its all in Italian, but balls are fun.

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Ding said...

I don't know if you remember, but in high school I started collecting trash bags full of styrofoam packing peanuts. My goal was to simulate a ball pool, but out of free materials. I priced a ball pool once, and it was going to be several hundred dollars to build an adult-sized playpen.

On a side note, I just this week figured up how much it would cost to fill a kiddie pool full of pudding. I was hoping for $240 worth of puddin', but it was more like $400, and that's using the generic store brand.