08 January 2008

Patriotic Paper

Maybe its because I'm still feeling a little weird from my last two days of some sort of stomach ailment and eating very little solid food, maybe its because I worked an hour of overtime while feeling a little loopy, but these boxes in the recycling bin amused me to no end as I was on my way out of the plant tonight. Quality! Performance! Absorbency! (Or Death!)
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, ou la Mort!

And the other box on top, with the Stars & Stripes is a box of one of the most American of all table wear, the paper plate. In an excessively American quantity of 1200! Thank you Costco.
When our next revolution comes, I'll be right out there on the front lines, defending our rights of over-consumption, and Absorbency.

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