20 March 2008

Rare cart

This cart has been in the little space between my work and the Banfield Motel for a few days. I park right by it every morning, yet just tonight noticed as I was backing out of my parking space that it was a "Nature's Northwest" cart. (Link goes to a weird old page that still seems to be hanging on from the 90's.)
I had to stop and get a quick pic before someone claims this proud old cart as their own. It looks pretty good for a cart from a store that's been gone since 2002 or so. A nice little blast from the past.
The real prize would be finding a Kienow's cart.
Thanks for that Kienow's commercial go to For Portlanders Only, the best place on the whole wide internets for Portland television ephemera. Making me feel better that I'm not the only one fascinated by such things. Hours and hours of awesome old local commercials and such. Be sure to watch this hilarious old promo from "Oregon's 12" made from outtakes of east coast TV stars pronouncing it "Ory-gone's Twelve."


Elizabeth said...

I miss Natures!

Kernsie said...

You might be able to find out more about that cart when the western US edition of this book comes out...if it does.