24 March 2008

Peninsular Adventure

I don't make it out to the North Portland Peninsula and St. John's as often as I'd like. We needed a little nature time this weekend, even though it was blustery and rainy. Smith and Bybee Lakes is only about 10 minutes in the car from Sellwood Street, but we only seem to make it out there a few times a year. Its a big chunk of nature in the middle of industrial wasteland, full of beavers and deer that I've never encountered. This trip only revealed a bald eagle, ducks and coots, a bird that I didn't really know existed until looking it up in our nature guide. Didn't manage to get any pictures of the birds, there was that cute tree frog that G managed to sneak up on.

Morels along the pathway.

Cute little tree frog I mentioned above

An understated plea above the pit toilet in the parking lot

After our nature walk, we ventured into downtown St. John's, a part of town that's kind of like a weird old uncle, a peculiar part of Portland that I love, but I just don't visit enough.

The St. John's, Portland's most photogenic bridge

Cute sign from the old-school clothing store

And another shot of the bridge, because the rest of the shots I took in St. John's didn't come out so great, and the bridge is just so damn cool.

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