28 March 2008


The first run of posters for the Oregon Brewer's Festival
seem to misconstrue the meaning of the 21st amendment.
The 21st repealed the 18th amendment, the one that actually enacted prohibition. Repealing the 21st, as the poster supports, would be re-enacting prohibition
I always remember this fact thanks to a chain of alcohol purveyors in Indianapolis, 21st Amendment Liquors. It always amused me in a geeky kinda way.
(The poster has been corrected already, the new version is already up on the Brewer's Fest site.)


Elizabeth said...

It's particularly embarassing considering that the first brewery listed on their participating brewery list is "21st Amendment Brewery!"

h.Lo said...

Good call on that! And, yes, 21st Amendment! There was one right near our house on 10th street. =)