18 March 2008

Green Dragon

This place has been open for a few months now. I've been reading rave reviews since they opened. We went to check it out in December or so, on our customary Saturday afternoon pub crawl. We each had a pint of something interesting, but didn't really feel like hanging around. The pub side of the establishment looks really cool, but unfortunately it doesn't open until 3pm. The bistro side where we were trapped felt really pretentious, dark walls, low lighting, and indifferent service.
We decided to make a second visit last weekend, this time for lunch on Saturday afternoon, which is surprisingly difficult to find in Portland. Why aren't restaurants here open on Saturday afternoons? That's another topic altogether.
The lunch menu seemed overpriced and a little too trendy for my tastes. Looking around the room at what everyone else was eating, the frites were the only thing I really wanted, and frites alone do not a meal make, so we thought about just having a pint and moving on. I'm all about good beer, and so is the Green Dragon. I love places like the Dragon, and The Concordia Ale House for their rapidly changing tap list full of obscure pints, however the Dragon seems to lack the same charm or friendliness I've found at other places aimed at beer enthusiasts. I like being able to ask the server or bartender about their beers and getting an educated response, or even a "I'm not sure, would you like a taste?" At this last visit to the Dragon, when one of us asked about one of the beers, our server pointed at the beer list on the wall and walked away in a bit of a huff.
I really don't like to up and leave a restaurant in that moment between first contact with the server and actually placing my order, I always feel like an asshole. I've worked in the service industry and know that its just awkward for all parties involved. I felt justified in this instance. There was just too much of a "go fuck yourself" vibe in that place.
I'm sure the lone server/bartender was having a shitty afternoon, the place was filled with suburban imports and Pearlies which didn't make me feel any more welcome, getting sideways glances in our muddy shoes and damp pants from the hike we'd been on before coming for lunch, a uniform that's pretty de rigeur for Portland.
Perhaps our server was just as thrown off by the crowd as well, but as a whole, I just don't care for the Dragon. I gave it a second chance. Who knew a beer pub in industrial SE would be so uppity?
We ended up at Laurelwood Pizza that afternoon, and yes, there was a kid's birthday party going on as is usual on a Saturday afternoon, but we were able to secure a table far away from the action and get friendly service, (conversation with our server even) and good food even though the place was quite crowded.
Luckily we live in Portland, where there's enough variety of beer-serving establishments to serve everyone's tastes.
I still really want to like the Green Dragon, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, much like the libation of the same name that we experimented with in college.

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