28 March 2007

Take your camera to work day

This is my last week as an auto commuter. G has a 4 pm class at Sylvania starting next week, and my work is much more accessible by other means than his class. My work really isn't that far, I could walk there in 45 minutes, I've just been lazy all winter.
I'm in the market for a $100 bike that looks cool and is dependable enough to get my ass to work in the Hollywood district every day.

Plenty of work...

Luckily I get to escape the shop and truck t-shirts around the city in the afternoon. Fresh air and diesel fumes.

Koin Tower, from beneath the Hawthorne bridge approach

My trusty steed. 14,000 lb of Japanese fury.

SE 2nd Ave

Railroad crossing sign that looks to be from the 30's. Curiously, said tracks haven't been used in years and are being removed as the street is dug up for the "BIG PIPE" project. I wander if they'll take this sign down?

Stuck in traffic on the way home. What else to do but stick my arm out the window and snap pictures as I creep onto I-5 at a walking pace.

I took this one for WetDog, also while stuck in traffic, about 5 feet farther up the ramp than that last picture.

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