29 March 2007


Here's a little song called :( - -->->-@ (also known as 'cute') from a band called :( (also known as "colonopenbracket") that I've been hooked on ever since my friend Ricky (who's now a former Hoosier since moving to Seattle) posted a link to it on that myspace thing. They're from Aberdeen Scotland (the country, not the little Indiana town).
In my opinion, the coolest 8-bit "emoti-core" around right now. You can hear some more at their (sigh) myspace page.
There's some other cool stuff at their label's page, especially that cute little robot logo...
(Wow, that's the most parentheses per post in sellwoodstreet's history.)

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Ricky said...

i'm glad you like colonopenbracket! I've looked for some other stuff that might be similar to them, but really they're in a world of their own. There is some great 8-bit hip-hop and hardcore techno stuff out there, but it's generally not as accessible as the emo style of :(
so, check out Sabrepulse (also from aberdeen), Scotch Egg, and Saskrotch (a midwesterner!).