05 March 2007

Are you free?

"Are You Being Served?" has always been a favorite of mine. I feel like a total geek admitting that in Jr. High I'd stay up late to watch "Are You Being Served" and Fawlty Towers on WTIU.
I put it in my Netflix cue long ago, and it finally surfaced, with the first season arriving today.
So much double entendre, so many pussy jokes! I love everything about it. Its so fucking dirty and crude, and it shaped my adolescence perhaps more than it should have.
Taking an inside leg on a Scottsman in a kilt. Hilarious! Childish! Brilliant! Maybe the only other television show to influence me more was "The Kids in the Hall," or "The Simpsons."

The second episode of "Are You Being Served" has my favorite limerick ever. I'm sure it didn't originate from this 1970's britcom, but this is where I learned it from as a wee lad...

On the chest of a barmaid in Sale
Were tattooed the prices of ale.
And on her behind,
For the sake of the blind,
Was the same information in Braille.

"You've all done very well!"

I think I'll move "The Kids in the Hall" to the top of my queue...

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