16 March 2007

Half-masted Bass-boosted Sling-backed Fully-retractable

Coolest lamp ever.
G snagged this (on the up and up, I might add) from a storage closet at the hospital. Its a classic Hill-Rom lamp with night-light and fully adjustable bulb reflector. Perfect for reading, perfect for mood lighting, an all around great lamp. Its painted a color I can't really see with my color blindness issues. G says its a pinkish flesh tone color. It looks grey to me.

It needed a tweak here and there, a little tightening of screws and replacement bulbs, but the original 50's wiring has been replaced. I have a feeling its gonna light up my nights for years to come...

Hill-Rom is a curious company. I always knew about Batesville Casket Company, having friends from that area of Indiana, (if I remember correctly, the fake ID that fueled our underage passion for alcomohol had a Batesville, IN address) I didn't realize the same corporate empire owned both companies. They got ya from convalescence into the grave. What a business model. So warped, but it makes so much sense. Definitely something Hoosiers would come up with.

But look at those fucking toggle switches! Look at them! "Flick me," they say, in that little voice in my head. "We're so well designed. Our click is so satisfying. They don't make switches like us anymore..."

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Nosmot said...

That lamp scares me. Makes me think of suffocation by pillow... *Shudder*