09 March 2007

Am I all grown up?

I've noticed my musical taste shifting a bit lately. Not changing a lot, but I'm discovering that I actually kinda like Fleetwood Mac, and Jackson Browne, and Billy Joel, what's up with that?
I've been listening exclusively to KINK at work lately. We all seem to agree on the AAA format. When KGON did their a to z of classic rock stunt we listened to that for a couple weeks just for the novelty.
Now KINK is celebrating 30 years on the air by playing three songs an hour chronologically from each month they've been on the air. Interesting enough to get me to listen, and the rest of the music they play is mellow, modern and classic rock, and I love it. Maybe because its been so hectic at work lately, and maybe I'm becoming a corporate radio zombie, but I've even signed up as a member of the KINK Community. Is this some sort of lite rock virus, or is just a normal part of growing up?

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