09 July 2006

Rose City Rollers

After a rocky beginning Saturday evening, we finally made it into the bleachers of the High Rollers thanks to a friend who caught us as we were on our way out the door.
First strike, Tri-Met. We did everything right, checked the Transit Tracker, got to the Max station about five minutes early, and then waited, patiently listening to that weird robotic voice counting down "Max Yellow Line to Expo, two minutes." Then a minute later it was back to ten minutes. WTF? We finally get on the packed, late train and make it to the Expo center as the roller derby is starting. It is completely packed with the "Event Staff" barking at us not to stand in the only place there is to stand, sending us to the other side of the arena, where another equally rude yellow shirt yells at us to go somewhere else, "go up to the bleachers and tell someone to scoot their ass over," was the command that prompted us to walk out and start looking for a refund. Luckily, that's when our friend and savior M caught us and led us up to sit with her friends in the "High Rollers" section where everyone was psyched and happy. The energy was contagious.
After the initial shitty moments were over, it was a blast! High energy from everyone in the place, the skaters, the spectators, everything was a lot of fun. My only real complaint, (perhaps I just notice more due to my latest bout with poverty) is the prices. I feel like a "get off my lawn" old man, but damn! For something so homegrown and cool, it really is pricey. $15 to get in, and then the real clencher, $5 PBR! Why can't you make them $3 and sell a whole lot more? Or sell some actual homegrown Oregon beer. I'd pay $7 for an IPA or two. You could really pick out the alcoholics and trustifarians in the crowd, who the fuck else is gonna pay $5 for PBR? All ya'll know that I loves me some beer, but even I stayed on the wagon that night. I'd recommend the next bout in August though, just remember to get good and sauced before you go.
Rose City Rollers

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