20 July 2006


Thank you, Victorian carpenters, for four inch thick walls. With careful opening and closing of the windows at the right times, it is possible to keep our apartment comfortable. The only direct sunlight is in the morning, after noon it stays shaded until sunset. The building is 106 years old and seems to have had some insulation pumped into the thick ass exterior walls.
There will be no cooking. We have a pizza slice shop just up the street, that will do. Don't heat anything up... It could be worse. I could be in St. L. That's a city you usually just want to avoid in the summer, notoriously more oppressive than the rest of the "Brain Sandwich Belt" in the summertime. That's just south of the "Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Belt," where I come from.
I understand why the National Guard is dispatched into St. Louis tonight with half the city without even a fan in the window.
KGW even describes it as "The Misery in Missouri." Wow, where'd they come up with that one?

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