05 July 2006

All I ever wanted

Damn, what a long week. I always forget how much work it is to entertain, even for an old friend who doesn't expect too much other than a place to sleep and a trip to the coast. It was a partial vacation for me, ending in a four-day weekend, much needed for sure.
I learned a lot this week as well. I discovered that the "nude beach" at Rooster Rock is really more of a "nude hiking" area full of dirty old men (we never did find a "beach") and that Collins Beach on Sauvie Island is by far the best place to go do a little nekkid swimming. I learned that google maps is especially full of shit when it comes to driving directions and shouldn't be trusted. We also learned that the Oregon coast should be avoided on the 4th of July weekend. OK, so I already knew that one, but we had to go since my normally land-locked friend was in town.

That's Astoria, my favorite coastal town. Even though there's really not any sandy beaches, it just has a cool feel to it. It would be a great place to live if there were more jobs and something to do other than drink.

GOONIES HOUSE! Fuckin A! I couldn't resist, I had to trudge up their driveway and do my own Truffle Shuffle while my friends waited in the car.

And here's the school where the gubernator wrangled those hilarious kindergartners. That was a great one.

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