08 July 2006

And now for a moment of internet history...

I watched the newest Hasselhoff video this morning and realized that it just wasn't that funny now that he's in on the joke.
Somehow this lead me to stumble upon a long forgotten (at least for me) chunk of video that is an important part of what the net is and should always be. Somehwere post Hampsterdance, pre-Star Wars Kid, there was Hyakugojyuuichi!!!

And a little something to get that Pokemon song out of your head...

Ok, and while we're on a video post, you might as well watch my favorite opening credit sequence ever.
Everything about it, the colors, that jerky quick zoom into Jack Lord on top of the hotel, the freeze frame on the hula girl's hips. Its like MTV before the people who created it were even born.

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