20 July 2006

Kinnear in the 'hood!

"The Feast of Love" is getting ready to start filming in Portland. The Fresh Pot on Mississippi will be the main location as the cafe owned by Greg Kinnear's character, with Morgan Freeman as the wise old customer. The folks making this flick have been by my place of employment as well, scouting out a spot for a "fortune teller's shop," in our weird side room.
I don't make it there as much as I used to now that I live closer to Tinys, but the Fresh Pot used to be my "go get a cup of coffee in my boxers" coffee shop when I lived around the corner from it. I love the place manily for the coffee--Stumptown beans brewed almost perfectly every time with no attitude, and they even brew the Yirgacheffe sometimes. I hope they make bank off this movie, they deserve it.

Photo from ""Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon - Used under Creative Commons License"

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