22 January 2009

Thank you Thomas Lauderdale

The "O" reports that Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini and Gus Van Sant are working on some sort of rally in support of Mayor Sam. Lauderdale's quotes in this story are the most sensible thing I've read in any of the local press.

""When it comes to sex, this country is just so crazy," Lauderdale said. "Ultimately, I think that what needs to happen is the city needs to calm down. The city needs to calm down and we need to concentrate on the heavy agenda, which is before us as a city. These sex scandals are a huge, colossal waste of time and resources."

The story continues -

"He said he's spoken with a lot of people who have supported the mayor. He's hoping Portlanders will come to the rally to encourage "the city to move on and move ahead and not behave rashly and irrationally."
"The thing is: people lie about sex. I mean it's the one thing that people lie about. He is not going to make this kind of mistake ever again in his life."
"I don't see this as a character problem. It was a huge lesson that unfortunately he had to learn in a very public way.""

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