05 January 2009

"I don't go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth"

I spent New Year's Eve away from cable TV, which was for the best. I'm sad that I missed this little jewel though.
I've loved Anderson Cooper ever since his days of drawing the short straw on Channel 1, (that Pepsi-co sponsored newscast that we were forced to watch in high school). He always got sent to Iraq or Bosnia or somewhere terrible. No wonder he's gone gray at 40.
Put him in front of the camera with fag-hag extraordinaire, Kathy Griffin, and you got some questionable dialogue sure to follow. They crack me up. Stick with it to the end for the payoff.


LeLo said...

I love Kathy. Keep it Klassy!

h.Lo said...

Isn't that great?! Too darn funny. =)