27 January 2009

From the Portland Streets

I scored a double on this quiet N Portland corner this weekend on the way to the grocery store.

This shiny red 1964-ish International pickup caught my eye enough to de-bike and dig out the camera. That grill is all round and cute, kinda like a cherub.

The back end of this machine is all business though. The bed is pretty much just a plain ol' box welded onto the back. This isn't exactly a pristine vehicle, but pretty nice for a 40 year old truck.

On the same corner is this lovely sample. (You can see the red truck across the street.) A sad third generation Mustang, somewhere around an 1981.

This is what the oil crisis did to the Mustang. That paintjob just drips of malaise. The graphic seems like an afterthought. "No really, its a Mustang. See, it says so on the door, in big letters."

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