12 January 2009

Bloomington's "News Hole" filled

Bloomington has always felt to me kind of like a black hole for information. News of things that happen there don't seem to make it out unless its terrible. Its the same way with television in Bloomington. If you don't have cable or satellite, your one clear channel is the local PBS station, since the Indy stations aren't watchable with rabbit ears.
So it makes sense that hardly any local news from Bloomington is available to outsiders.
The big paper, the Herald Times, has a website that is still for subscribers only. I thought it was absurd 10 years ago, but they're still holding onto their own little thing...
The Indianapolis news doesn't really cover the news in Bloomington, only when something big happens.
There are a couple of independent outlets, Bloom Magazine is an awesome lifestyle food and dining publication, their online content is pretty informative, but geared more towards people visiting or living there, not expats like me who just want to know what's going on.
The Bloomington Independent is a good read too, their website usually has some interesting stories.
Today I found NewsMatters.org. Its WTIU's news website, and at first glance it seems to be just the Southern Indiana news souce I've been looking for. The daily Newsbreak video is available just after it airs every night. Stories on the website are stuff like stats and numbers stories about the city government budget and such, and news about IU, and weather, and all the boring daily stuff I expect to read about. If you're looking for B-town news, add it to your daily visits.

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