14 December 2007

Sister Paula

Sister Paula is a transgendered televangelist. I watch her show on public access channel 21 whenever I happen to catch it, but now that I know she's on every Friday night, I might have to make it a point to watch if I'm near a TV. She's been a Portland television fixture since 1987.
She gives some good advice for daily life, despite being a little more Jesusey than I really care for. On tonight's show, her words are intersperced with old timey bible songs like I grew up listening to, which she sings acapella, in a deep, slightly off key Bea Arthur baritone with wonderfully animated gestures.

In this episode, Paula introduces us to her friend, Fluster.

I love that she shoots the show in front of the countertop and Mr. Coffee instead of the usual public access "sitting in a chair in front of a poorly lit backdrop" type show that almost always proceeds and follows Sister Paula.
She does have a page full of podcasts and a blog for ya'll outside of the Portland area, but somehow she's just more fun when you stumble onto it flipping though the channels.

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