06 December 2007

Pickle Surprise

This is the third time I've posted these videos in the last year, but they're just that awesome! Everyone needs to see Pickle Surprise.

...and Strawberry Shortcut

A little more info on Tom Rubnitz.

I've found myself obsessed with this particular time period lately. Maybe its because I just watched the first 4 episodes of Twin Peaks. I was just a bit too young in 1990 to have really gotten into it, but now I'm slightly obsessed.
Until recently I thought of this period as a cultural wasteland full of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Now I realize that its because I was 11 at the time.
I was three years away from meeting my first gay role model, although my CD collection at this age was quite heavy on the Queen, B-52's, and an interesting obsession with Anne Murray that I still don't understand. But for a 5th grader in rural southern Indiana, I think I was much more culturally aware than most kids my age, yet I'm still amazed at a lot of media that came out of this time that I'm just now discovering 17 years later.


Ricky said...

damn! Already "No Longer Available"

John D said...

Weird. I just tried it at 10:34 and its working at the moment.
YouTube is a fickle master...