20 December 2007

Bad Christmas Sweater

UPDATE - I won the bad sweater contest! A $50 gift certificate for employee purchases. It was a close call, Joey almost beat me with her combination of bad sweater and Christmas socks, but at the last minute my cow-orker gave me his Christmas tie that plays "jingle bells." The combination of that and the penguins building a snowman took first place!

We're having a "bad sweater day" as part of my company Christmas party. I searched a couple of thrift stores for just the right thing, but found nothing. After finding some other stuff I didn't really need at the Salvation Army on Halsey, I realized I was only a few blocks from the only K-Mart in the Portland city limits.
I looked in the Holiday department but found nothing. Then to the regular men's wear section. They had a few sweaters, but they were all pretty tasteful, things I would actually wear. My last resort was the ladies section, where I found this gem. Behold, my bad Christmas sweater!

Yep, those penguins are building a motherfuckin' snowman, and they all have little tufts of yarn hanging off their scarves.

I'm actually kinda excited to see if anyone comes up with anything worse than this.

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