18 December 2007

Christmases of years past

Vintage Christmas Wax...
Christmas music the way it was at the beginning of recorded music. I downloaded a bunch of these this morning and loaded up the pod, much to the delight of my coworkers. None of us were really in a Christmas mood, but these songs from years ago seemed to do the trick.
Most, if not all of the performers you'll hear are dead, most of them probably never even gave a thought that someone nearly 100 years later would be listening to their voices, and especially that their performance on that newfangled wax cylinder might just be the thing that makes a room full of curmudgeonly atheists and agnostics remember that Christmas really is a beautiful celebration, full of great memories and good will, even for non-believers.

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Shae said...

This is super cool. The old man and I like Christmas music but we are sick of renditions of Santa Baby and Little Drummer Boy. These songs are going straight into the collection. Thanks for this!