06 May 2008

Indiana Dispatch #4

Today began with a nice late morning drinking coffee and hanging out with Mom and Dad. Around lunchtime we headed down to Stoll's Lakeview, my favorite of the Amish Buffet restaurants that populate the area. I ate and ate until I should've felt all bloated and tired, but the food is made from some great ingredients which treated my body like food should. Always one of my favorites.
G and I drove separately from Mom & Dad so we could go do a little exploring of the Amish country and some other small towns after lunch. We made it to a whole lot of places I haven't seen in ten years, many of which have sadly taken a turn for the abandoned.

Downtown Loogootee. I remember this fountain lighting up in pretty colors at night when I was younger, riding through here on my way to Shoals to visit family. (Shoals tour will appear tomorrow) I'm not sure if it still lights up or not.

Loogootee's Triangle business district. It seems Larkin's store is now apartments and condos.

Montgomery Indiana, home of the Turkey Trot

Downtown Elnora, Indiana

One of Newberry's remaining buildings

Downtown Lyons

Sunset from a hill above Wildcat, just outside of Bloomfield.

Made it back to Mom & Dad's just in time for a beautiful sunset.


Anonymous said...

Nice!! I miss the wierdness of the midwest. Portland's so not-wierd, comparatively. Take more pictures of buildings when you're not running like hell. Try not to get eaten by a wild animal, ok? I need you in one piece!


h.Lo said...

Love the photo essay. That Newberry photo is particularly haunting. The PNW can't wait to have you both back!