05 May 2008

Indiana Dispatch #3

We did a lot of exploring today, mostly showing G around Bloomington and campus. I'm fading a little too fast tonight to go through a whole lot of pictures, so I'll limit this post to Greene County.

One of my favorite places near where I grew up is the small community of Scotland, population 100. This is the little town about five miles down the highway from the homestead. This is the town where I got off the school bus and waited for Mom or Dad to pick me up on their way home from work, and ate copious amounts of soft serve ice cream from the former Toodie's Cafe.

This building was most recently known as the "Brick Star Studio," it still has some paintings hanging inside, but it was quite closed this morning. Not really sure about the history of this structure.

Restored advertising mural on the side of the old Mullis General Store, also in Scotland.

The Old Scotland Hotel, which now serves as a museum.

Then we ventured on down the road towards Bloomfield and stopped at the covered bridge, which is still looking clean, safe, and un-tagged.

Downtown Bloomfield, looking southwest from the Courthouse steps.

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