22 May 2008

Decatur County Courthouse

The famous Decatur County Courthouse in Greensburg, Indiana. Behold! Yep, that's a tree growing out of the tower. I know there's a handful of Greensburgers who pass through sellwoodstreet every now and then. (Greensburger? That's not nearly as elequant as Bloomfidian.) What's the real story behind the tree? Has it really been the same tree for all these years, or does someone keep planting new ones? I've heard rumors...

Q: Do you know how the courthouse tree gets water?
A: From the spring in the clock.
Best appreciated with instant rimshot.


Anonymous said...

The tree atop the courthouse in G'burg, Indiana is a type of tree that sends out runners and therefore requires a smaller amount of dirt to grow in. Over the years the trees has grown from the east side to the south side with its runners. Once a tree gets too big for the tower and poses a safty problem or a possible distruction the the building it is cut down.

Charles Ray Harmon

StuckeySpalt said...

The story (according to the menu at Stories Restaurant) is that at one point early on they tried to remove the tree and it grew back, so the town let it ride and embraced the tree's existence. Also, it is a Dog-Toothed Aspen, as was discovered, allegedly, by the Smithsonian Institute, which was brought in to study the tree.