02 May 2008

Indiana Dispatch #1

See that huge white blotch covering a huge swath of South-Central Indiana? That's where I grew up and where I'm staying with the folks right now. Thanks to Sprint for this handy coverage map that explains why I was standing on top of a hill in the middle of the woods in the rain this afternoon making a phone call, and still had to tilt my head a certain way and stand in just the right place to chat with G who's hanging with friends in Naptown for a couple days before joining me down here in the giant white blotch. Sure, Mom & Dad have a land line with unlimited long-distance, so I could've just called him from the house, but I felt like a challenge.
Other than that, its nice to be home, enjoying thunderstorms, getting used to hearing the "Emergency Alert System" tone every few minutes this afternoon as crazy winds and lightning swept across the area. I also enjoyed a tenderloin sandwich at the Lonely Night Saloon for lunch and Steak n Shake for dinner. Tomorrow I hope to locate a Beef Manhattan. I'm saving the Amish Buffet tour for when G gets here.

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