16 January 2007

Snow day

I made it to work for a few hours today before we all realized we could use the snow as an excuse to go home early, which we did. I escaped just before noon, my cow-orkers weren't too far behind. I made it out into the neighborhood just as the heavy snow was ending and people were beginning to emerge.

I couldn't resist tromping around in it. It was a snow day, dammit! The last measurable snow storm in Portland happened back when I was lucky enough to live three blocks from my workplace. I trudged on down every morning while Tri-Met wasn't even running in our hood and others were lucky enough to live farther from work. This year I jumped at the chance to leave work early and play in the snow.

Union Station was especially purty.

Check out some more snow pics at the flickr set.

1 comment:

sillypants said...

Lovely fo-to's.

I am sure tomorrow will be a snow day as well....Enjoy :)