02 January 2007

Foggy Morning, and an awesome history blog.

Just ran onto this post on Cafe Unknown with lots of great old pics of the hood, and this great plot from 1900. If you expand it as big as you can, and look at the very north border, you'll find Sellwood Street, although it seems to be spelled with one "l". Curious...
Cafe Unknown is one of the best Portland History sites I've found. Thanks Dan!

The pics are from last Saturday morning's walk downtown, which was a beautiful sunny morning, except for right along the Willamette, where a wicked fog was blowing down the river. There were four or five photogs out there, some with legit looking equipment. I sauntered past, casually snapping shots with G's camera as we walked across the Broadway. These were the only two pictures that were worth my time, fog is really hard to capture, walking through it, crossing the bridge, was like climbing a little mountain reaching the misty section near the top. It was strange crossing the river early in the morning, not being able to see downtown, walking down Lovejoy out of the fog and back into the low winter sun.

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nosmot said...

Thanks for the Cafe Unknown link J. Cool stuff.