03 January 2007

Gotta ask Grandpa Jack about this one

G's grandma and granddad worked at the Kaiser Shipyards during WWII. They left the Idaho farm for a few years and moved to Portland in the 40's. Grandpa Jack is 93 now, and an awesome source of Portland history, even though they only lived here for a few years, that time period is particularly interesting. He lives over the mountains, but we still get to see him a few times a year, and we're always trying to think of things to ask him about.

The Finger is what reminded me about Grandpa Jack tonight. Rediscovered by the one true B!X, The Finger is a newsletter aimed at Kaiser shipyard employees, but it isn't clear where it came from. Was it a fellow employee, or was it a Kaiser publication snarkily disguised as being published by a fellow employee? Nobody seems to really remember. Maybe Jack can shed a little light. The paper is a fun read, especially if you spend your days/nights/graveyard shift building ships...

And for Nosmot & Hal, check out this shot of the OC elevator. The in-between construction photo. Somehow that's not quite what I pictured.

Photo from Historic Photo Archive

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The One True b!X said...

Maybe Jack can shed a little light.

Well that would be interesting. It's always been the one real missing piece: Is there anyone out there that actually remembers this thing.