19 January 2007

favorite typefaces

Beneath the Broadway Bridge approach, entering the USPS facility. I love the "ft." Especially the period.
This reminds me of all the awesome 1940's signage I remember from growing up around the ammunitions depot back home. They still had yellow stop signs in some places.
A very similar typeface to this warned us of explosive zones, told us building numbers and names in the old part of the base, and just did their best to look kinda modern, kinda old, and kinda creepy at the same time. I remember going fishing for catfish late at night at the lake on the base with my dad when I was a kid. It was usually around 2 or 3 am as we were leaving the base and these signs always kind of disturbed me, reflecting in the headlights, especially through my drowsy haze.
Something about these letters just says "Hey, the man is watching you. Behave."

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