01 August 2006

Lazy night...

A refreshing night, but pretty lazy as well. We planned on at least going to the 5th Q for $2 pint night. They have the Proletariat Red as the seasonal from May Day for all us worker bees, go easy on 'em and they're awesome!
So hard to pass up ridiculously cheap beer in my nieghborhood, but after yoga and making some dinner and watching some TV, all ambition was lost. Even the will to walk a few blocks for tasty beer is gone.

This is on a mailbox on an alarmingly quiet corner deep in a part of NW Industrial where I hadn't ventured until yesterday. Somewhere around 17th & Upshur.

Really makes me wish there was some sort of pedestrian crossing at the Fremont Bridge. I'd climb whatever crazy ass staircase it takes. By car, this neighborhod is three minutes away in good traffic, but as a walker person you have to walk down to the Broadway, and then back up the other side of the river for 25 blocks or so. What about a water taxi? Where's my flying car?!?

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